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Robinhood Onboarding Flow


Build Trust

Provides context for every piece of information requested in each step to explain the value the user will get in return for sharing personal information while assuring the user of their security practices.

Flexible Flow

By combining their signup and onboarding flows, the app unifies the burden of activation into one motion for the user. Yet even if the user drops off while onboarding, they still get limited access to the app itself since they’ve completed the initial signup process.

Automated Data Enrichment

Leverages a third-party integration to securely pull user banking information in just a few clicks, reducing the time needed for users to locate and manually submit sensitive details as well as removing the chance of error.


Uses a determinant progress bar to foster a feeling of accomplishment while communicating how much the user has progressed towards finishing the flow in a way that reduces user dropoff due to uncertainty.